Northern Colorado's premiere ice rink

Greeley Ice Haus

Greeley Ice Haus

900 8th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631


Summer Public Skate Sessions
Monday-Friday 12-2:45pm
Wednesday 6:15-7:45pm
Saturday & Sunday 12-1:30pm

Cosmic Skating
Friday & Saturday 7:15-8:45pm
Starting Aug 18 
Friday 6:30-8pm
Saturday 7:15-8:45pm

Public Skate Admission
Weekday Public Skate $4
Weekend Public Skate $5
Age 5 & under $1.50
Skate Rental $2

Family Skate Sessions
Tuesday & Thursday 12-1:30pm
Wednesday 6:15-7:45pm
Only $14 for two adults and up to four children (excludes skate rental)

Skate Café
Monday 9-10:30am (hockey)
10:30-11:30am (figure skating)
Wednesday & Friday 9-10am
$3 (includes skate rental and a cup of coffee)

Public Ice Hockey $6
Drop-In (16+)
Stick ‘n’ Puck (all ages, under 8 with an adult)

Freestyle Skate
Figure skaters improve your skills!
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3-5:15pm
45-minute sessions, $5.50

Adaptive Fun Skate
Tuesday 10-11am
$3 (includes skate rental)

Facility Closures

July 4 (Independence Day)

August Beat the Heat Special

Aug 1-31

Any public skate session is just $4 during the month of August
(skate rental included)!


Amanda Gustafson, Recreation Program Manager

Corbin Fitzgibbons, Recreation Coordinator, Ice Skating & Hockey

Heather Utrata, Customer Service Representative

greeley ice hausLocated in downtown Greeley, the Ice Haus is the COOLEST place in town!

Check out our ice skating classes, figure skating instruction, or hockey leagues.

Ice Skating

Basic Skills Learn to Skate Program

Our Basic Skills Program will help teach you all you need to know to get out on the ice. Lessons are for ages 3 years old and up. The Ice Haus Skate School provides a number of different opportunities in ice skating, whether you want to learn basic skating skills or are pursuing advanced skating techniques, jumps and spins. Our coaches are certified members of the Professional Skating Association, have years of experience and knowledge within the sport, and follow guidelines of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).


Learn to Skate Sessions

*All participants must pay $13/year USFSA registration fee.


Snowplow Sam 1-3

Develop coordination and strength that will carry over to the Basic Skills classes.

May 24-Jul 5*   Wed May 27-Jul 8*   Sat Jul 12-Aug 16   Wed Jul 15-Aug 19   Sat 6:15-6:45pm                303302-01 10:45-11:15am            303302-02 6:15-6:45pm                303302-03 10:45-11:15am            303302-04

Basic 1-6

Introduces participants to the fundamentals of basic skating skills.

May 27-Jul 8*   Basic 1/2      Sat May 27-Jul 8*   Basic 3/4      Sat May 27-Jul 8*   Basic 5/6      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19   Basic 1/2      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19   Basic 3/4      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19   Basic 5/6      Sat 10:45-11:15am                  303300-01 11:15-11:45am                  303300-02 11:15-11:45am                  303300-03 10:45-11:15am                  303300-05 11:15-11:45am                  303300-06 11:15-11:45am                  303300-07


Pre-Freeskate-Freeskate 6

Advanced jump-and-spin technique while combining footwork, power and edge control. The level where a skater decides to go competitive or stay recreational.

May 27-Jul 8*     Pre-Freeskate     Sat May 27-Jul 8*     Freeskate 1/2      Sat May 27-Jul 8*     Freeskate 3/4      Sat May 27-Jul 8*     Freeskate 5/6      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Pre-Freeskate     Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Freeskate 1/2      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Freeskate 3/4      Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Freeskate 5/6      Sat 10:45-11:15am                 303300-04 11:15-11:45am                  303301-01 10:45-11:15am                 303301-02 10:45-11:15am                 303301-03 10:45-11:15am                 303300-08 11:15-11:45am                  303301-04 10:45-11:15am                 303301-05 10:45-11:15am                 303301-06


Adult 1-4

An opportunity for adults to learn the fundamentals of skating.

May 27-Jul 8*    Sat Jul 15-Aug 19    Sat 11:15-11:45am                  302300-01 11:15-11:45am                  302300-02

Registration Deadline May 27, Jul 15 Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident *no classes May 29-Jun 3 (Front Range Invitational)


Power & Conditioning

This class challenges advanced skaters by incorporating strength, flexibility, endurance and explosive power into their skating.

May 27-Jul 8*    Sat Jul 15-Aug 19    Sat 10:15-10:45am                  313301-01 10:15-10:45am                  313301-02


Axel Class

Learn the first major jump for figure skating. Skaters will go over exercises for the jump and will learn the axel and the double axel.

May 27-Jul 8*     Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Sat 9:45-10:15am                  313302-01 9:45-10:15am                  313302-02


Intro to Ensemble Class

For kids in Freeskate 1 and up who want to experience the team-like atmosphere in the great world of skating. Kids will learn to work with others and compete for a common goal.

May 27-Jul 8*     Sat Jul 15-Aug 19     Sat 9-9:45am                313303-01 9-9:45am                313303-02

Registration Deadline May 27, Jul 15 Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident

Figure Skating

Ready to define your skating technique? Our figure skating classes will enhance your style and routines.


Off-Ice Conditioning for Advanced Skaters Friday 5:45-6:45pm

This class will encompass aerobic and anaerobic exercises, jump technique with rotational gain and a range of fundamental movement skills that improve coordination, balance, strength and flexibility, lowering the risk for injury in competitive skating. A must for those in Preliminary and up!! Age 8+. Min-3, Mas-25.

Session I May 26-July 7*
Register by May 26
Session II July 14-Aug 18
Register by July 14.
Artistry in Motion  Sunday 1:45-2:45pm

Designed to educate skaters on the basic principles of choreography and to give them a foundation in basic body alignment, line and movement.

Session I June 11-July 16
Register by June 4

Session II July 23-Aug 27
Register by July 23


Style Class for Advanced Skaters  Wednesday 5-6pm

Introduces the advanced skater to upper body movement and expression while interpreting different genres of music.

Session I May 24-July 5*
Register by May 24

Session II Jul.y 12-Aug 16
Register by July 12
*no classes May 29-Jun 3 (Front Range Invitational)

Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident


Holiday Ice Show  Auditions Sept 16, 1:45-3pm

Participate in our figure skating show for beginners in Snowplow Sam to the Advanced skater, Basic 1-6, Pre-Freeskate 6, Mountain View Skating Club members and guest skaters - all are welcome.

Register by Sept 15

Youth Hockey

Interested in playing hockey? We have several opportunities to hone your skills.

Youth Recreational Hockey Leagues

Coaches teach fundamentals, team play, sportsmanship and FUN! These teams may be CO-ED. Ice Haus hockey jerseys will be distributed at the first game. This is a 7-week program with 7 practices and 7 games. Please note: registration begins at 8:30 am online; or at 9:00 am at the Greeley Ice Haus, Family FunPlex, and the Greeley Recreation Center.

Session II July 11-Aug 27
Registration deadline July 11

Mini/Mite Fall Schedule (Ages 4-8) Thurs 5:15-6pm Sun 3-3:45pm

Squirt/Pee Wee Fall Schedule (Ages 9-13) Tues 5:15- 6:15pm Sun 3:45-4:45pm

Fee $57 resident, $67 non-resident *combined practice July 6


Hockey Cub Program

The program is designed to develop the necessary skills required to play hockey successfully: skating, stick handling, passing/receiving and shooting. Levels 1-5 represent a technical progression in which one level provides the building blocks for the mastery of skills needed for the next level. Age 3-15. Min-20, Max-100.

Session II July 16-Aug 27
Registration deadline July 18

Cub 1: Sundays from 5-5:30pm
Cub 2-4: Sundays from 5:30-6:15pm
Cub 5: Sundays from 5-5:45pm

Fee $57 resident, $67 non-resident


Hockey Cub 1

Learn the basics of hockey. Age 3-15. Min-3, Max-25.

Session II July 12-Aug 16
Registration deadline by July 15

Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident
*no classes May 29-June 3 (Front Range Invitational)


Hockey Cub 5+

An extension of Cub 5 allowing for the opportunity of the player to enhance their skill set to go above and beyond the cub program. This class helps develop the player’s “hockey sense” and provides the player with a better understanding of the game. This is a 7-week program; player must complete Cub 5.Min-3, Max-25.

Session II July 16-Aug 27
Registration deadline July 16

Fee $60 resident, $70 non-resident



Interested in playing on a hockey team?

Look into the Greeley Youth Hockey Association.

Greeley Ice Haus is proud to be the home of UNC Ice Hockey Club Team. GO BEARS!
Adult Ice Hockey

Want to play on a league? We offer several levels of skill to choose from for the beginner or skilled player.


Intro to Adult Hockey

This curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey - proper skating technique, puck and stick handling, shooting and passing to be successful in the Novice, Over 35 or C/D Leagues. Age 18+. 

Session I begins May 28-July 9
Registration deadline May 28
Session II begins July 16-Aug 27
Registration deadline July 16
Fee $57 resident, $67 non-resident

Novice League

Beginner league – players receive instruction during practice and games.

Sundays • 7-8pm
Season July 16-Oct 1
Registration deadline July 16
Fee $170 resident, $180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie, $95 non-resident goalie.

G.A.H.L. C-League

Competitive League for all players over the age of 16.

Tuesdays • 7:45-10:15pm
Season June 27-Sept 19*
Registration deadline June 26
*no games July 4
Fee $170 resident, $180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie, $95 non-resident goalie. 

Over 35 League

This league is for players at the B/C Skill Level, all players must be age 35 or older.

Thursdays • 7:45-10:15pm
Session II begins July 27-Oct 12
Registration deadline July 27
Fee $170 resident, $180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie, $95 non-resident goalie. 
Register your team


Corbin Fitzgibbons


Women's Adult Hockey League

The Greeley Ice Haus is home to the Greeley Growler's too! Find out more about this women's adult hockey league by visiting their website.


Are you ready to curl? Learn this classic Olympic game at the Ice Haus – any one at any age can play! Call 970-350-9402 or 970-356-1310 ex. 219 and leave your name and number and we’ll be in touch regarding days and times available. Get rocking with On The Rocks Curling!

Reserve ice time for a fun game of “shoe hockey.” Games are played with tennis shoes and brooms on “dirty” ice (ice already skated on). Groups can rent the ice for $210 an hour; we provide the brooms, nets and balls! Call 970-350-9402 to reserve your game time.
Host a Fundraiser
Come during one of our Public Skate sessions and receive credit for your group or organization! Fundraiser participants get $1 off admission. For more information, please call 970-350-9402 to book your date today.

Ice Haus Classic Hockey Tournament
August 25-27

Join us for a Northern Colorado adult hockey tournament. All games will be take place Friday and Saturday, with the championship game on Sunday. There is a 3 game guarantee. This is a draft style tournament; players will sign up individually and be placed on a team at random. Skill levels of players may vary from A-C. Player must bring a white and a dark Jersey. Age 16+.

Min-30 players, 4 goalies, Max-80 players, 6 goalies.

Registration Deadline Aug 18

Fee $80 per person




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