Youth Sports

The City of Greeley Youth Sports believes strongly in the benefits associated to sport participation and works hard to remove barriers so that all sports are accessible. When you sign up for a City of Greeley Youth Sports programs your family can be confident that we care and work tirelessly to do our best and provide quality programs.

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The ABC’s of the City of Greeley’s Youth Sport Philosophy:

  • Attempt: We believe that in youth recreational sports the attempt is much more significant than the performance results.
  • Belonging: We believe one of the most important aspects in fostering a child’s continued participation in youth recreational sports is the sense of belonging. To nurture this aspect we are intentional about roster size capacitates, full team registrations and have a full time coordinator devoted to adaptive and inclusive recreation.
  • Competition: We believe that fair and healthy competition is essential to developing and practicing the benefits associated with youth sport participation. Healthy competition provides a platform for participants to elevate themselves to meet a challenge, encourages self-motivation and recognizes the journey just as much as the outcome.
  • Development: We believe in the development of the whole person along with the fundamentals inherent to the sport. We believe that talent development only comes from promoting continued participation through positivity, encouragement, and engagement.
  • Enjoyment: We believe above all else, youth sports should be fun! Participants should engage in leagues and programs for enjoyment and play rather than serious competition, after all that is the true definition of play.

Please read our Youth Sports Philosophy and Code of Ethics before registering for our leagues to make sure it aligns with your values and desires for your young participant. We expect all participants, guardians, spectators and coaches to uphold and honor our Youth Sport Philosophy.

Upcoming Registrations

Fall Youth Sports Programs

Priority Registration: June 24-28
General Registration: July 1-28

Important Downloads

• Concussion Memo and Requirements
• Concussion Training
Youth Sports Policies and Procedures
Youth Sports Philosophy and Code of Ethics

Information for Coaches

Youth Assistance Fund Scholarships

Who’s eligible for Priority Registration?

  • Volunteer Coaches
  • Volunteer Coach with Full Teams
  • Households with three or more athletes to register in the League

Read more about Priority Registration for both coaches and families

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Upcoming Programs and Registration Dates

When prices everywhere are increasing, we know how valuable your child’s engagement in youth sports leagues is, so we’re happy to announce that our prices for all leagues have decreased by 10-30% for 2024. Decreased fees apply to team sports only and do not include sports camps and clinic fees.

Summer Youth Sports 2024

Who’s eligible for Priority Registration?

  • Volunteer Coaches
  • Coaches registering an entire team
  • Families registering 3 or more family members

Please complete the Summer 2024 Priority Registration Form to register during this period.

Program Age Range Priority Registration Registration Dates Start Date
CARA Track 5-16 April 8-12 April 15 – May 3
Late Registration:  May 6-10
June 4
T-ball and Coach Pitch (May/June) Baseball 2.5-5 April 8-12 April 15 – May 3
Late Registration:  May 6-10
May 20, 21
T-ball and Coach Pitch (July/August) Baseball 2.5-5 April 8-12 April 15 – June 3
Late Registration:  June 10-21
May 20, 21
Tennis 5-13   Deadline Friday before clinic start date Beginning in June, every 4 wks.
Summer Camps 2-15   Varies Varies
Inline Hockey Clinics Birth years 2012-2018   Varies Varies

Fall Youth Sports 2024

Find more fall sports options visit our Camps and Clinics page.

Program Age Range Priority Registration General Registration Dates Start Date
Co-Ed Flag Football League Birth years 2011-2018 June 24-28 July 1-28 Week of August 26
Co-Ed Recreational Basketball League Birth year 2019 June 24-28 July 1-28 Week of August 26
Youth Soccer Leagues Birth years 2013-2020 June 24-28  July 1-28 Week of August 26
High School Girls Soccer Ages 14-19* Early Bird: June 24 – July 14 Late Registration: July 15 – August 16  August 30
CARA Cross Country Ages 6-14     August 20
Skateboarding Lessons Ages 8-14   July 1 – until filled September 3
Skateboarding Leagues Ages 8-16   July 1 – until filled August 20

*Must be in high school



Jaxon Samsel, Youth Sports Coordinator (Flag Football, T-ball/Coach Pitch, Basketball)
Office: 970-350-9409
[email protected]

Zach Kilimann, Sports & Programs Supervisor
Office: 970-350-9421
[email protected]