The City of Greeley’s Culture, Parks and Recreation program offers a wide variety of opportunities including Adaptive Recreation.

Adaptive Recreation is the concept of offering people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in recreational activities. The goal of Adaptive Recreation is to get all kids involved, strengthen muscles, learn new skills, make new friends and of course HAVE FUN! Accommodations can be made for each child based on their individual needs to ensure they have an enjoyable and safe time while participating in a program or class.

One out of ten children in the United States has a disability, but why should they sit on the sidelines while they can join activities through the City of Greeley’s Culture, Parks and Recreation Department?

Adaptive Recreation can occur inclusively through most of the classes the Culture, Parks and Recreation Department’s Recreation Division offers or in an individual program such as swimming. For example, the Recreation Division staff has been working with a child who has a hearing impairment. The participant has been taking swim lessons for the first time. To meet this participant’s needs, the Aquatics Instructor talks to the child at the same time an interpreter uses sign language, so that the child understands the directions and skills fully. This enables the instructor to work with the participant through a third party to teach them new skills.

For more information about the Adaptive Recreation program and how our Aquatics staff is utilizing it, contact the Family FunPlex at 970-350-9401.

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