Did you know that the City of Greeley implemented an employee bike library in 2013?

Twenty bicycles were purchased with grant funding sponsored by, our community partner, Kaiser Permanente. With the assistance of City of Greeley Employees, who have volunteered their time to be part of our Bike Library Advocacy Group, we successfully installed the bicycles in strategic City of Greeley facilities to encourage and promote active worksite wellness. For instance, bikes are located at the Greeley Recreation Center, and other various City facilities, so that staff can bike to meetings instead of taking their cars!

This program has launched the support of additional bicycle programs including educational seminars and workshops on bicycle maintenance and safety; bicycle lunch and learns; bicycle rodeo’s; lunch-time ComRIDEry (social rides); city-wide bicycle challenges; biking/walking meetings; map-your-ride events (to promote using Greeley’s Bicycle Master Plan designed by our Public Works Department); the implementation of overnight bike checkout (to support families that would like to ride with their families, but may not have the resources to do this at home); as well as, other programs and events.

We are proud to support active living in the workplace through our bicycle library program, which has empowered and enabled our employees with the resources and time to invest in their wellness.

For more information on biking in Greeley visit our web page Greeley Bikes!

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