Mandi Dorris

Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, Healthways SilverSneakers®

Specialties: Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Senior Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Strength Training, Speed and Agility, Balance and Flexibility.

Mandi Dorris has been actively involved in attending and being a part of our Coaching Development Seminars which has perpetuated not only stronger partnership among her clients, but also being a pillar of positively at the forefront of the fitness community in Greeley. She has been with the FunPlex for several months, but you would think she has been here for years with the relationships she has formed with members and her clients.

Mandi understands how utilizing a positive attitude consistently is key in being impactful to the individuals she coaches. She believes in truly giving back to those who seek her guidance in a caring and constructive way and her passion for fitness and her belief in living a healthy lifestyle makes her an ideal coach.

Mandi won’t settle for doing an “ok” job or what is “required”; she will go above and beyond due to her foundational understanding of the affect coaches can have on youth and adults. She is always making a relentless effort to ensure her participants and team are positively influenced on a daily basis with her infectious personality.

Here are some comments from our patrons at the Family FunPlex about Mandi:

“Mandi challenges us, but never makes us do anything we are not comfortable with.” – Carla

“Mandi is a great instructor, she has lots of energy, she varies the moves, presents different levels and is FUN!! I drive an extra 15 minutes to attend her classes.” – Fran

“I am impressed with her knowledge and ability to work with seniors.” – Lee

“She is absolutely tremendous, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate about her workout with us. I feel a real connection with her.” – Stella

“There are not enough words to compliment her expertise, effort, kindness and support to each of us. Mandi provides a way for us to improve and interact in a positive way. I am so grateful to know her and have her as a trainer.” – Charlene

“I cannot say enough good things about Mandi. First of all she has a special talent for making everyone feel that they are special and that she is really happy they are in her classes. She is always upbeat and happy and has the rare ability to laugh at herself if she makes a mistake. Another talent she has is making the classes fun and challenging for all ages and levels of fitness. She offers modifications for those who want or need it without making them feel bad about it. I have noticed that the majority of the participants do the more challenging versions. Her classes are never too challenging and they are never boring.” – Kathryn

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