The Rocky Mountain Senior Games (RMSG) kick-off June 8-12 in Greeley. This year at the Games, we’ll be honoring a Colorado Athlete that has previously competed in swimming during the event. Tom McAdam, 60, from Greenwood Village, Colorado began competing in the Games as a way to reconnect with his family and honor his father’s legacy.

McAdam, not being a big athlete throughout the year’s was trying to encourage his brother and father to compete with him. Although he wasn’t successful, he decided to participate nonetheless. Over the years, he has actually improved his personal time in competitive swimming and will be the receiving the ‘Personal Best Award’ from the CEO of the National Senior Games, Marc T. Riker during the event here in Greeley.

2016 is a qualifying year for athletes that intend to compete in the National Senior Games in 2017, so many participants competing this year will be from not only Colorado but throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

To read Tom McAdam’s full story, download PDF file now. Or attend the Celebration of Athletes event at the Greeley Senior Activity Center Friday, June 10th at 6pm to meet him in person. He’ll be the torch bearer for this year’s Rocky Mountain Senior Games.

Greeley Senior Activity Center • 1010 6th St • Greeley, CO 80631 • 970-350-9440

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