“Adult Swim,” at every pool, every hour, on the hour…Those two short blasts from the pool manager followed by one long collective whistle from the whole lifeguard team. It’s time for “Adult Swim!” Something we have all heard when visiting Greeley Recreation swimming pools.

Have you ever stopped to think, What is “Adult Swim?’ Better yet, why do we have it? What is the purpose behind the inevitable adult swim? A quick survey from some frequent pool goers, and we heard some interesting answers. “It’s the law,” or “it’s to give adults some peaceful pool time,” and a favorite, “so we don’t turn into prunes!”

The real reason, it’s for safety.
Swimming exhausts children. Maybe part of the reason adults love taking their families to the pool. Children need some time to rest, alleviating the possibility of growing fatigue that they require assistance/rescue from a lifeguard. Adult swims also present opportunities for kids to use the restrooms, hydrate and warm up. Even though it may be a hot sunny day, being submerged in water that has a lower temperature than your core body temperature can increase the risk of sudden illnesses such as hypothermia.

So what can you do during this 10 minute break?
Story time! As part of their summer reading program, High Plains Library District is hosting an interactive Story Time at Centennial Pool every Friday at 2pm! Look for the big white tent and enjoy songs, dancing and or course stories under the shade.

You can also energize and hydrate by visiting the concession stands at both Centennial Pool and Discovery Bay Waterpark for snacks and beverages. The lifeguard office also has a slew of sidewalk chalk and they love having your beautiful artwork on the pool deck!

Written by
Justin Wells, Greeley Recreation Aquatics Supervisor