Artistry in Motion (AIM)

The Artistry in Motion (AIM) program introduces skaters to the basic principles and philosophy of choreography, presentation and performance. The badge program provides a foundation in basic body alignment, movement and line. Using this program will contribute to the training of the complete figure skater. Artistry in Motion praises the creative mind of every skater.


  • Instructors must choose appropriate selections of music from the suggested list for each level
  • As a resource, the Skate Coach App Series shows videos of each skill below and sample lesson plans are available for instructors

Artistry 1

  • Introduction to basic dance movement and terminology
  • Introduction to tempo, rhythm and music
  • Facial expression
  • Introduction to body awareness and body levels
  • Basic program construction

Artistry 2

  • Introduction to classical music
  • Torso and back placement
  • Port de bras
  • Classical dance movements
  • Skater’s choreography

Artistry 3

  • Introduction to jazz
  • Introduction to contemporary music
  • Connecting movements: Ina Bauers, spread eagles, spirals, knee slides and body slides
  • Footwork with body levels
  • Spiral sequences
  • Interpretation to music

Artistry 4

  • Presentation and style
  • Spins
  • Body levels in a structured sequence
  • Short program, choreographed by the skater, 1.5 minutes long with costumes, props (if needed) and music chosen by the skater