T’ai Chi Chuan, or T’ai Chi for short, is an ancient Chinese martial arts practice for defense training that consists of specific movements for health and vitality. It’s a low-impact exercise program centering on mind-body exercise that integrates slow, gentle movements, breathing techniques, and intentional focus, perfect for all ages. And unlike exercise, which relies on muscular force and tension, the graceful movements of T’ai Chi emphasize relaxation, straightness, and true balance.

Greeley Recreation has been offering T’ai Chi classes at the Greeley Active Adult Center for many years as part of its Wellness program. The instructor, Sifu Fred Jennes, integrates the slowness and grace of T’ai Chi in several specialty classes with over one hundred different movements to help participants perfect the art.

Try a Specialty Class

Sifu Jennes has a passion for teaching, and his courses incorporate all experience levels, so whether you’ve taken a T’ai Chi class or not, you’ll feel completely comfortable participating in a session. There are several class options available through Greeley Recreation:

Move towards a better you.

Meet the Instructor Sifu Fred Jennes

Sifu Fred Jennes has taught the art of T’ai Chi for more than forty years. He’s a nationally certified Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist who brings his experience to the public by introducing various classes, traditional T’ai Chi, and specialty classes, like Ruler and Sword. His goal is to help individuals improve their overall health and strength through his teachings. To learn more about Sifu Jennes, his exclusive Northern Colorado course offerings, and the exciting world of Ruler T’ai Chi, visit https://www.rulertaichi.com.

Article date:
January 11, 2023