Many adults have participated in recreational sports leagues growing up. No matter where you live, youth sports are integral to a child’s development. It’s often their first exposure to a sport, a place to learn how to work together as a team and develop the fundamental knowledge and skills to play successfully. It’s a safe place where children can meet new friends, foster growth, and have fun. The involvement can be a positive experience with the right instruction and coach.

Greeley Recreation’s new sports team has been working diligently on revamping its youth sports programs to achieve just that. Ensuring that what they offer is an equitable playing field for all takes ingenuity, time, and effort. By removing barriers to participation and incorporating Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) in all their sports offerings, they guarantee that everyone can play, no matter their challenges.

Part of this change means digging deep and looking at the real reason why recreational sports exist.

Youth Sports Philosophy

Greeley Recreation’s goal is to be transparent with its intentions and stance on topics surrounding youth sports. The City of Greeley’s Youth Sports Philosophy and Code of Ethics shares their mission which is to provide positive and impactful opportunities for youth in Greeley.

What’s new?

Starting with 2022 Winter Sports, priority registration will expand. Not only are Volunteer Coaches able to register their child during the priority registration period, but now they can register their whole team. Families needing to register three or more family members can also utilize priority registration.

Scholarship Opportunities

Times can be tough, especially with the expense of raising a family, and sometimes a little help can go a long way. Financial support is available for Greeley residents; find out more about the Youth Assistance Fund. Applications are accepted year round.

Code of Ethics

To ensure the safety of all children and staff in the City of Greeley Youth Sports programs, it is expected that all parents, guardians, and spectators be:

  • Respectful of officials
  • Model good sportsmanship
  • Be honest, fair, and courteous of others
  • Keep the environment fun and positive

Let’s work together to ensure that youth sports programs encourage children to develop into the best people they can be.

Article Date:
October 28, 2021