This fall, the Greeley Ice Haus opened the first ever Off-Ice Training Center in Northern Colorado. Designed with hockey players and figure skaters in mind, the facility offers the community an opportunity to sharpen their skills on synthetic ice.

The Off-Ice Training Center offers several unique tools for individuals and teams. The area provides a simulated ice skating feel for an optimal glide with little surface friction and ice skate blade wear and tear. Synthetic panel density is ideal for skating and allows users to have longer training and skating sessions.

    • The Off-Ice Training Center provides hockey players with the necessary tools to take their game to the next level. The synthetic ice shooting pad is safe for both youth and adults. The facility supports the following activities: puck-shooting, stickhandling, jumping, plyometrics, and various team activities.
    • The off-ice jump harness allows figure skaters to develop their jumping skills in a safe and controlled environment. Double ballet barres and mirrors provide stretching and movement training to bring that element of grace into skating.

This new indoor facility has allowed Ice Haus staff to expand their current course offerings, complementing their current on-ice courses with additional instruction focusing on various skills and techniques. In addition to classes, customers can also utilize the facility on a drop-in basis.

Fitness and agility are key to improving a hockey player’s overall game. The new Hockey Circuit Training class has this in mind. This type of training aims to outlast and out-hustle their opponent. With the Snipes & Dangles class, players can take their scoring to the next level. The focus is on improving stick handling, shooting skills, and refining performance to become a scoring threat.

The Ice Haus Figure Skating program enhances a skater’s ability to improve their balance, strength, agility, flexibility, fitness, and grace. The Off-Ice Figure Skating Training class for figure skaters helps skaters develop these areas with the goal of improving their on-ice performance techniques. Weekly classes focus on different skills to keep the program fresh and participants engaged in fun developmental activities.

The Cub Hockey program is for little learners, ages 3 and up, helping students develop the necessary skills required to play hockey successfully. Education focuses on ice skating, stickhandling, puck passing, and shooting.

The Ice Haus Learn to Skate program provides high quality coaching to help students achieve their skating goals. Whether a participant wants to become a figure skater one day or desires to improve their ice skating ability, classes are available at all stages and levels of instruction.

The Greeley Ice Haus Off-Ice Training Center greatly benefits community user groups. It allows recreation staff the ability to improve and expand on current programming, offering customers a unique way to improve their skills and techniques. For more information on programs or to try the Off-Ice Training Center, please visit or call 970-350-9402.

Article date:
December 16, 2020