Did you know that the City of Greeley Recreation offers corporate memberships? It’s one way companies can help improve their employees’ overall health and well-being. Any company can join, no matter how big or small, and organizations see unlimited benefits. “There are so many opportunities for our employees to participate in fitness classes or enjoy the amenities at the Greeley Recreation Center and Family FunPlex,” stated Mirella Hernandez-Rey, Human Resources Specialist with Sunrise Community Health – members the last few years. “It’s hard to tell what our staff uses most, but offering child care so that parents don’t have to find a sitter to go workout, has been a huge plus.”

Becoming a corporate member offers employees an outlet to improve their mental and physical health using a wide variety of amenities. They can reduce stress through weight training and traditional exercise (fitness classes are free for members), boost their emotional health by playing a round of mini-golf, pick-up game of volleyball, basketball, or pickleball with friends, swimming in the pool and/or relaxing in the sauna. Members can also access both facilities for the price of one.

With over 400 employees at 12 different facilities in Northern Colorado, Rey said, “Having access to the Greeley Recreation Center on the east side of town, and the Family FunPlex on the west, gives our employees an option to visit either facility close to their work or home.” As an added bonus, each facility’s features are unique – the year-round waterpark at the FunPlex, for instance, is a great family draw. Climbing at the Greeley Recreation Center is a fun way to challenge your mind and body while bonding with peers. Rey added, “It’s been difficult during the pandemic for all of our staff, and having an outlet for our employees to enjoy time with their friends and family or have an opportunity to focus on personal health and wellbeing has been a huge benefit.”

Health and Wellness Coordinator, Bethany Wiley of the ECHO Prevention and Wellness program at Banner Health (North Colorado Medical Center), said, “Team members have enjoyed the corporate membership at the Greeley Recreation Centers for several years. The membership is a wonderful resource and encourages our team members to engage in self-care. We even mention the benefit when we recruit and hire new team members.”

Help your employees find their balance in life. Become a corporate member today!

Article Date:
August 31, 2021