Since the pandemic and with all the concerns regarding COVID-19, Greeley Recreation has had to implement some additional strategies to keep both customers and staff healthy. Over the last eight months, our facility staff have done an exceptional job of keeping our buildings clean and disinfected.

With the move to activity time slots for patrons to visit the Greeley Recreation Center and Family FunPlex to work out, swim and play sports, we’ve had to step up our game so to speak. After each 90-minute visit, our facility staff clean and disinfect each area of the building, clean all fitness equipment and sanitize chairs, equipment and tables. It’s a huge task to continue to do each day from the time these facilities open, until they close.

Not to mention how they have worked with the Rodarte Community Center staff to ensure that students coming to the After School Program from Billie Martinez Elementary, are keeping the coronavirus at bay, by implementing protocols to keep kids safe and germs from spreading. In addition to ensuring that skates and training devices are sanitized between each use at the Greeley Ice Haus.

We want to recognize each of our facility staff for their hard work and dedication to keeping all customers – external and internal – safe and healthy! Many thanks to the facility staff for going beyond the call of duty!

In addition, we want to recognize our sports team as well, for ensuring that youth and adults sports are played in a safe environment to help deter the spread of the virus.

We could not continue to operate providing the services we do, without your continued support and expertise. Greeley Recreation’s Facility Staff is the best. Thanks for all you do every single day of the week!