On any given day before COVID-19, you’ll find Doctors Cindy and Kurt Dallow at the Greeley Recreation Center during lap swim. Cindy, a registered dietician, and her husband Kurt, a family physician, are avid fitness buffs. Kurt would often ride his bike to and from the facility before heading to work at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center of the Rockies.

They’ve been Greeley Recreation members for many years and have a passion for health and wellness. Cindy has taught fitness classes for the city in the past, the most recent being Women in Motion, a fitness and behavior change program for women of all ages. Cindy and Kurt have taught Greeley Recreation’s Triathlon 101 class, a favorite subject for this couple, being avid triathletes. They’ve competed in Triathlons for years throughout the U.S. They’ve also organized Recreation’s annual Kids Tri at the Family FunPlex each August, except in 2020, due to COVID-19.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Dallows had to make some adjustments, just like many of us. They found it was still easy to do the things they loved to stay fit and in shape, such as biking and running. Swimming was a bit more of a challenge since access to pools wasn’t readily available the entire year.

With many changes on the horizon, Kurt’s retirement from his active medical practice in December, and Cindy’s shift from teaching classes due to limited community access to teaching at home with remote learners, they wanted to continue to nurture athletes and ensure that those interested were well prepared and trained to compete in triathlon events. This brought forth a new venture and learning curve for them.

They decided to launch a new business, putting both their passion for the importance of exercise – whatever your age – and their area of expertise in diet, health and wellness. They started a triathlon training program, 2 Doc Tri Academy, a monthly coaching program for triathletes. Groups within the Academy include beginners, half and full Ironman, and Xterra (off-road triathlon).

A great deal of physical and mental preparation is required to compete in triathlons. It’s not always about hitting the finish line. The Dallows will help interested athletes work through transitions between the three events: swimming, biking, and running. They also go over the best way to train, and how to eat to nourish and sustain the body and prepare for a successful race – whether first or tenth.

If you want to learn how to become a triathlete or improve your skills, 2 Doc Tri Academy is the perfect place to start. To find out more, visit 2doctricoaching.com and make your dreams a reality.

Article date:
January 8, 2021