The Key Benefits of being a Multi-sport Athlete

What are the key benefits for kids to be multi-sport athletes instead of concentrating on just one sport? The benefits are endless! Here’s a few reason why we think it’s important: Developing Different Skills – Typically athletes who participate in...

Keeping Kids Safe in the Car: A Guide for New Parents

It hits you the moment you strap your baby into the car seat to drive home from the hospital: You created a new life and now it’s up to you to keep that life safe. In addition to baby-proofing your home, you need to think about how your vehicle and driving...

Protect Your Family From Weather Disasters

According to CNN in 2017, a category 4 hurricane named Harvey hit Texas, causing up to $75 billion worth of damage and dislocating about 30,000 residents. Shortly after, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico even harder, blacking out large parts of the island for months....

Adult Swim, What is it Exactly?

“Adult Swim,” at every pool, every hour, on the hour…Those two short blasts from the pool manager followed by one long collective whistle from the whole lifeguard team. It’s time for “Adult Swim!” Something we have all heard when visiting...
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