There are many different coaching styles out there in the field of athletics. Being a coach provides an amazing opportunity for adults to impact the lives of our youth while also teaching them life lessons and developmental skills needed to succeed. One of the most common coaching styles seen in today’s society is the command style coach with a win-at-all-costs attitude. This technique focuses completely on winning and lacks concentration on the developmental side of athletics. Of course, winning is always a good goal to strive for, but how do we get there without having all of our focus placed on statistics and the scoreboard?

The win-at-all-cost approach in athletics has become so prevalent in today’s society that it has started to trickle down to our youth in recreation. What does this coaching mentality do for our young athletes? Believe it or not, it is actually hurting our participants more than it is helping them. This is because the win-at-all-cost mentality is lacking one thing: positivity. We have forgotten what good sportsmanship looks like as well as the life lessons our children are carrying with them into adulthood.

At the City of Greeley, we are taking a new approach with our youth sports programs by showing coaches and parents how much of an impact they have on our athletes and their development. Our sole purpose is to use sports as a way to develop our athletes into productive members of society. We have created four pillars that drive successful youth development which include the following:

  • Continued Education – providing the necessary education to equip our coaches with crucial principles of youth development necessary to support their overall growth and development as an individual.
  • Positive Role Model – equipping our volunteer coaches with tactics that exemplify positive leadership utilizing their actions as teaching techniques to be absorbed by our youth consistently.
  • Effective Reinforcement – educating our coaches on the importance of this concept alone with positive reinforcement to further build their self-esteem perpetuating the understanding of the positive effects it creates among our youth.
  • Enriched Involvement – expressing the benefits of true enriched involvement through the community by developing not only youth sports skills, but an attitude that will help them succeed as young adults throughout their life.

With these four main objectives, we hope to achieve an environment that strives to make a positive impact on our young athletes as well as the coaches and parents in the community.