Cub Hockey Program

The program is designed to develop the necessary skills required to play hockey successfully: skating, stick handling, passing/receiving and shooting. Levels 1-5 represent a technical progression in which one level will provide the building blocks for the mastery of skills needed at the next level.

Cub Hockey 1

  • Standing on edges and flats, penguin stand.
  • Forward Swizzles (start from penguin use inside edges keep body still)
  • Two Foot Glide (stationary, swizzles to two foot glide, still body, body positioning)
  • Snowplow Stop(stationary, then swizzles to snowplow, still body, body positioning)
  • Scooter Pushes(emphasize gliding foot all weight on, 45-90, still body, body positioning)
  • One Foot Glide(body line show weight and turning errors, scooter push to glide, still body, body position)
  • Forward Stride (start alternating scooter pushes, away together push, 1 foot to 2 foot glide, repeat with other foot, blend together until stride is made bring in snowplow)
  • Backwards swizzles (same as forward)
  • C-Cuts ( one side at a time , body positioning, still body heel snap, gliding foot straight, inside edge, begin alternating when competent on each side)
  • Backward C-Cuts same as above
  • Crossover Walk(body positioning, leaning onto outside edges)

Cub Hockey 2

  • Stance (body and stick position)
  • Power stride (scooter push with coil, release, follow through, return stress using strong inside edge for push, maintaining body position through weight transfer, extending the striding leg with toe flick(snap), low return)
  • Forward Stride (incorporate power stride and stick)
  • One Foot Snowplow 9start with on foot glide with stopping foot directly in front of gliding foot add body turn after competent
  • Backwards C-Cut. (isolate each side and work on striding leg toe snap , coil, release full extension, full recovery, body position)
  • Backwards One Foot Glide (isolate backwards c cut to one foot glide: body position
  • Backward Stride (start as alternating c cuts full extension toe snaps, body position, one hand on stick free hand up at the ready
  • Forward C-Cuts in circle (1st step to three step system to crossovers, full extension, heel snap body position)
  • Inside and outside edges
  • Cross Foot Glide (around circle knees bent, body position upper body square hip straight)
  • Cross foot push (start with cross foot glide, knees bent push with back foot body position)
  • Combine last three for crossovers
  • Control turns (inside foot in front crossover out of the turn)
  • Stationary Stickhandle (wrist roll, head up body positioning)
  • Forward and Backward moving stick handling (start with push/pull then coordinate with stride)

Cub Hockey 3

  • Forward and backward strides (continue working for power)
  • Forward Control stops (using both inside edges, stance)
  • Backward V-Stop (body positioning, knee bend stability)
  • Backwards T-Stop (same as above)
  • Forward inside/outside edges (body position, knee bend, trailing foot,)
  • Backwards C-Cuts on circle
  • C-Cuts, Alternating Angling (Ex: 2 to right 3 to left)
  • Stick Handling Wide Lateral (wrist roll, weight transfer, head up)
  • Forward moving stick handling with control stops
  • Backward moving stick handling with V-stop and T-stop
  • Control Turns with pucks Leading with stick puck, the protecting
  • Passing/Receiving Forehand Stationary

Cub Hockey 4

  • Forward and Backward Strides (continue working on power)
  • Forward starts (3 step running start on toes, emphasize use of inside edges thrusting all of weight through push, full extension, leaning far forward, leaping out instead of up, getting into power strides after 3 running steps)
  • Backward Starts (C-Cut)
  • Backward inside and outside edges
  • Mohawks (body positioning, knee bend, accelerating out)
  • Stick Handling Front to Back, Diagonal (stationary and moving, incorporating dekeing)
  • Forward Crossovers with Puck
  • Dekes (with partner, relate all options encourage originality)
  • Passing/Receiving: Backhand
  • Passing Receiving Moving (lead teammate)
  • Shooting wrist and backhand
  • Receive pass and wrist shot in one motion

Cub Hockey 5

  • Forward and Backward Stride (continue working on power, review forward starts, add pucks)
  • S-Curves (from board to board on one foot, accelerate, edge control forward and backward)
  • Power Crossovers
  • Face the Clock Crossovers (accelerate on turns and add pucks when mastered)
  • Windmills (edge Control)
  • Defensive T-pushes
  • Bulling around defender (skate shoulder to shoulder, use control turn/c-cut to crossover to accelerate in front of defender, add pucks when mastered)
  • Power Turns and Escapes (360 Control Turns- accelerate out with crossovers, add pucks when mastered)
  • Stick handling: Feet (stationary and moving)
  • Passing (flip and saucer) and receiving passes (Skates and hand)
  • Shooting (snap flip)
  • Escapes (Add Variation)
  • Handling puck with skates