Did the 2018 Winter Olympics inspire you to try figure skating? It sure did for me! Some of the ice dancing skaters made the moves look so easy as they glide across the ice, it was breathtaking. I was also in awe by the incredible routines, jumps and spins that the individual and pairs figure skaters did in their competitions. They had such grace and power it was amazing!

After watching most of the competition, it did spark my curiosity on many of the techniques that skaters have to learn. So, after thinking about the many jumps and turns, I wanted to learn more!

Figure skaters learn somewhere around 15 different moves as they go through the repertoire of classes. Some of the more common jumps that figure skaters learn are described and illustrated here: camel spin, double axel, double flip,  flying sit spin, triple salchow and triple toe loop.

Now that you’ve seen a few basic figure skating techniques are you ready to get on the ice and try some out? You can take beginning through advanced ice skating classes at the Greeley Ice Haus.

Next session starts March 28 for our Wednesday evening classes at 6:15pm and March 31 for our Saturday classes. Be sure to register online at MyGreeleyRec.com by March 31 or stop by in person at 900 8th Avenue in Greeley and check out a Saturday classes. They begin at 10:45am. Check out page 26 of the spring Recreation Connection magazine online a GreeleyRec.com for the full list of Basic Skills Learn to Skate classes or visit the GreeleyIceHaus web site. Hope to see you there!

Written by
Mary M. Russell, Marketing Coordinator