This spring, Scott Schuttenberg joined the City of Greeley’s Culture, Parks and Recreation Department as their new Recreation Superintendent. When he arrived, he met with each full-time staff to learn about their position, the history of the programs they managed and outlined what their vision was for the future. He wanted to gleam a clear understand the inner workings of the Recreation Division. In doing so, he saw some areas where positions could be realigned to strengthen the organization and bridge gaps in programs where improvement was needed.

Schuttenberg’s goal was to create stronger teams within the Division, building on the commitment to provide exceptional customer service and programs that benefitted both youth and adults. “I wanted to ensure that we were offering quality programming and improving the image of recreation in the eyes of our patrons.”

One way to incorporate this philosophy was to embrace the City of Greeley’s commitment to Achieving Community Excellence or ACE as it is known in the community. Brining a positive experience to our athletes, coaches and parents by offering mentoring programs, sports education and quality programs. The Recreation has continued Coaching Development for their volunteer staff and parents improving the experience for those enrolled in their recreational activities.

After six months in office, the Recreation Division has a clear vision for achieving excellence thanks to Shcuttenberg’s leadership. Many full-time staff have been moved to other areas within the organization where their talents and strengths could be best utilized. “A few of our staff were pushed out of their comfort zones,” stated Schuttenberg, “but, after all was said and done, they are thriving in their new positions.”

Greeley Recreation may have seen some changes over the year, but they will be stronger for it in the end. Schuttenberg plans to continue to lead by example and mentor his Recreation Leadership Team towards positive outcomes and improving the overall experience for their clientele.

Schuttenberg comes from the University of Northern Colorado where he spent sixteen years in the Recreation Department overseeing campus programming.