Group Fitness Classes

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Group Fitness Schedule


Low-impact aerobics and resistance movements in the deep or shallow part of the pool. It may include various aquatic equipment. All fitness levels are welcome! (60 min)

Barre Fitness

Engage in toning, strengthening, and balancing workouts using the ballet barre while learning about dance movement and technique. Various genres of music will accompany workouts. All levels of welcome!
(60 min)


This class includes stations that will challenge your strength and cardio. You can expect to use a variety of functional equipment such as the battle rope, Assault Airbike, SkiErg, slam balls, and more! All levels are welcome! (45 min)


Ride your way through rolling hills, steep climbs, false flats, sprints, and much more! (60 min)

Cycle Circuit

Cycle and circuit your way through challenging, creative workouts to help keep your heart rate up, boost your metabolism, and burn fat! Utilizes bikes, free weights, and other functional equipment. (60 min)

Enlighten Yoga

A slow-paced yoga with proper breathing techniques, classic poses, and deep relaxation. Modifications will be available. (60 min)

Mat Pilates

This workout uses a series of exercises designed to increase core strength and improve posture and flexibility. Pilates is centered around breathing and flowing through different postures in order to develop a strong, lean, healthy body! (60 min)

SilverSneakers® BOOM MOVE

This fun, dance-inspired workout improves your cardio fitness with easy-to-follow moves set to energizing music. (45 min)

SilverSneakers® Circuit

Experience standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work. This class is suitable for nearly every fitness level, and your instructor can adapt the exercises depending on your skill. (60 min)

SilverSneakers® Classic

Increase muscle strength and range of movement, and improve activities for daily living. You’ll have a chair for seated exercises and standing support. Your instructor can modify the exercises for your fitness level. (60 min)

SilverSneakers® Yoga

Move through seated and standing yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of movement. Finish with restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation to promote reduced stress and mental clarity. (60 min)

Stability and Balance

Engage in strength, conditioning, and agility exercises to improve stability. Learning how to posture, body alignment and core strength can enhance balance. It may include chair movements. (45 min)

Strength and Cardio Party

This class will include strength and cardio exercises. Routines may include completing AMRAP, circuits, or partner exercises. All fitness levels are welcome! (45 min)

Total Body Conditioning

This class incorporates strength exercises and cardio segments using a variety of equipment for a total body workout. This class welcomes all levels and abilities. (45 min)


The TRX® suspension training system leverages gravity and your body weight to provide a full-body workout. Other functional equipment may be included. This class welcomes all levels and abilities! (45 min)

Vinyasa Yoga

This style of yoga links your breath to movement with the goal of attaining balance in the mind and body. May incorporate athletic poses. (60 min)

Water Aerobics

Join us in the pool for a full-body water workout! You can expect a variety of exercises and the use of various equipment. The class will take place primarily in shallow water. All levels are welcome! (60 min)

Yoga Foundations

This beginner hybrid yoga class incorporates the use of a chair and yoga mat to increase flexibility, core strength, balance, and range of motion. Floor exercises and shoes are optional. (45 min)


A combination of Latin and international rhythms, Zumba® creates exciting and effective fitness through dance routines. Shimmy and shake while utilizing interval training to maximize caloric output. (60 min)

Zumba® Gold

This class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination. Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong. (60 min)

Financial assistance is available for those in need. Find out more about the Youth Assistance Fund.
Financial assistance is available for those in need. Find out more about the Senior Assistance Fund.



Financial assistance is available for those in need. Find out more about the Youth Assistance Fund.


Financial assistance is available for those in need. Find out more about the Senior Assistance Fund.