Sports and Leagues for Adults

Adult Sports

Welcome to the City of Greeley Adult Sports Program. The philosophy of the City of Greeley Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department is to offer a variety of athletic opportunities to help you keep active; promoting a positive attitude, sportsmanship and high moral standards.

Important announcements appear below. Call our weather cancellation info line at 970-350-9537 for additional information. If you have questions or comments, please call 970-350-9401.

All adult softball games for Thursday, March 14 have been cancelled due to field conditions.

All outdoor adult sports practices and games are cancelled today (Wed, April 10) due to the weather. Stay warm!


We take basketball seriously in Greeley. Join a Men’s, Women’s, or Co-Ed team league today!

Summer Basketball

League begins the week of June 5 and is self-officiated.

Registration Deadline:  May 21

7 game guarantee

Fee $200/team

Location Greeley Recreation Center


Men’s             Tuesday         Code # 308BB1
Women’s       Wednesday   Code # 308BB2
Co-Ed             Thursday        Code # 308BB3



Dylan Seavey
Office 970-350-9438
Cell 970-371-3760


Have fun learning the basic techniques of boxing. We offer both a youth recreational program, where you learn the basics of the sport, and a youth competitive program, where you learn the basic skills and compete.

All competitive youth boxers must have USA Boxing Insurance which requires a $55 annual fee payable to USA Boxing. Participants must bring their own mouthpiece, water bottle, hand wraps, and towel. Age 8-17 yrs.

Monday-Thursday • 5-8pm (B Team practices until 6pm/A Team practices until 8pm)

Summer Session I June 3-27
Registration Deadline
June 27

Summer Session II July 1-31
Registration Deadline July 31

Summer Session III Aug 1-29
Registration Deadline Aug 29

Please call 970-350-9430 for more information.

Youth Recreational & Competitive Boxing Program
$15 resident/$25 non-resident

Adult Boxing Program
$30 resident/$40 non-resident

Flag Football

Summer Flag Football

League begins Jun 3
Registration Mar 31-May 21

Fee $320/team
Min-4 teams, Max-11 teams

Location Island Grove Multi Use Fields

Recreation (Mon) Code # 308FF1
Competitive (Mon) Code # 308FF2



Dylan Seavey
Office 970-350-9438
Cell 970-371-3760

Adult Hockey

Ice Haus Classic 
Fri-Sun, Aug 23-25 • 8am-10pm

Join a fast-paced, draft style adult hockey tournament. Players will sign up individually and be placed on a team at random. Skill levels of players vary from A-B. Jerseys will be provided. Min-4 teams, Max-6 teams.
Registration deadline
Aug 22
$95 per player
Code # 308304-01

Want to play on an adult hockey league? We offer several levels of skill to choose from for the beginner to skilled player.

Hockey Skill Levels

B-Skill Level - Advanced player
C-Skill Level - Intermediate player
D-Skill Level - Beginner player


Draft Rules Hockey Rule


Intro to Adult Hockey

This curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey - proper skating technique, puck and stick handling, shooting and passing to be successful in the D-League, Over 35 or B-League. Age 16+.

Sundays • 6:15-6:45pm

Session I May 5- June 16

Session II June 23- Aug 4

Session III Aug 11- Sep 22

Registration deadline  May 5, June 23, Aug 11

Fee $60 resident/$70 non-resident


Adult Hockey D-League

Beginner league – teams selected by team captain and Ice Haus staff in a draft style format. 7 game guarantee. Age 16+.

Sundays • 7-9pm

Session I April 28-Jul 14

Session II Jul 21- Oct 6

Registration deadline April 28 Jul 21

Fee $192 resident, $202 non-resident
$96 resident goalie, $101 non-resident goalie

Adult Hockey B-League

Competitive League for B-skill Level - players selected by Team Captains in a draft format. 9 game guarantee. Age 16+.

Tuesdays • 7:45-10:15pm

Session I April 9-Jun 18
Registration deadline April 9

Session II Jun 25- Sep 10

Registration Deadline Jun 25

Fee $192 resident, $202 non-resident
$96 resident goalie, $101 non-resident goalie


Over 35 League

This league is for players at all skill levels, beginner (D skill level) to advanced (B skill level). Team Captains select team in a draft format. Age 35+.

Thursdays • 7:30-10:15pm

Session I April 11-Jun 27
Registration deadline April 11

Session II Jul 11- Sep 26

Registration Deadline Jul 11

Fee $192 resident, $202 non-resident
$96 resident goalie, $101 non-resident goalie



Corbin Fitzgibbons

Women's Adult Hockey League

The Greeley Ice Haus is home to the Greeley Growler's too! Find out more about this women's adult hockey league by visiting their website.

Inline Hockey

Our SportCourt flooring at the Family FunPlex is perfect for inline hockey! We play year round in the Fieldhouse.

Summer Inline Hockey

League Begins May 1st
Registration Apr 1st-24th 

A-D Level    Wed/Thurs • 6:30-10:30pm
Fee $720/team

10 game guarantee + playoffs



Dylan Seavey


Remember this old game? Bring back the joys of your youth and play it again. We offer both a Recreational and Competitive League.

League begins June 4
COED (Mon) Code # 308KB1
8 game guarantee
Registration  Apr 2-May 27
Fee $290/team, $35/individual  Code # 308103-00
Dylan Seavey

While the weather’s nice, why not get out and play with us!

Doubles Tennis Tournament
May 15-18

Wed-Fri • 5:30-9pm

Sat • 9am-1pm 15-18, 2019

Registration Deadline May 8

Code #: 208701-00

Fee $25

Location Work Out West and Centennial Tennis Courts


Morgan Thompson


We have avid players here in Greeley! Join us for play indoors, outdoors or even in the sand…we have a league for you!
Visit for more details.

Fall Volleyball

League begins August 11, 6-10 pm
6 game guarantee
Registration June 3- July 26

Location Family FunPlex or Greeley Recreation Center

Top Rec Dblhd   Tue   $430/team   408VW2
Mid Rec Dblhd   Mon  $430/team   408VW3
Mid Rec               Mon  $280/team   408VW4
Leisure                Tue   $280/team   408VW5

Competitive        Sun   $280/team   408VC1
Recreation          Sun   $280/team   408VC2
Leisure                Sun   $280/team   408VC3
4v4                      Thu   $280/team   408VM1


Morgan Thompson
Office 970-350-9428
Cell 970-381-1380


Greeley boasts one of the largest softball leagues along the Front Range. We have several leagues to choose from to meet your needs.

Summer Softball

League begins May 6
Registration Mar 22- Apr 26

Fee Men’s leagues: $720/team (12 game guarantee); Mixed Upper/Middle Leagues: $720/team (12 game guarantee); Mixed Lower Leagues:  $600/team (10 game guarantee); Men’s Dlbhd:$1,440 (24 game guarantee)
Min-4 teams, Max-18 teams

Location Twin Rivers Ball Park/Island Grove Field #5


Men’s Upper (B/C/D) Wed 308SM1
Men’s Upper (B/C/D) Fri 308SM2
Men’s Middle (E) Wed  308SM3
Men’s Middle (E) Fri 308SM4
Men’s Lower/Novice Wed 308SM5
Men’s Lower/Novice Fri 308SM6
Men’s Church/Novice Mon 308SM7
Men’s Dldhd Tue 308SM8

Mixed Upper (B/C/D) Fri 308SC1
Mixed Middle (D/E) Tue 308SC2
Mixed Middle (D/E) Thu 308SC3
Mixed Lower Tue 308SC4
Mixed Lower Thu 308SC5


Dylan Seavey
Office 970-350-9438
Cell 970-371-3760





We also have a wide variety of 50+ Sports, so check those out as well!