Coaching Development

Main Objectives

Create a positive environment by supporting the following:

  • Sports Education
  • Youth Development
  • Quality Involvement

Our goal is to provide support for our coaches that are dedicated and committed to working with our Adult and Youth Sports Programs.

By creating a positive atmosphere in which education is provided, with insight into the development of our youth, utilizing positive reinforcement techniques and role model engagement, we strive to make the experience an enriching one not only for our coaches, but for our players as well.

Offering the opportunity for coaches and parents to attend educational seminars throughout the year will strengthen our volunteer coach’s ability to be successful during their coaching season.

Four Pillars of Success

We feel that successful Youth Development is driven through four main areas:

Continued Education: We will provide the necessary education to equip our coaches with crucial principles of youth development necessary to support their overall growth and development as an individual.

Positive Role Model: We will equip our volunteer coaches with tactics that exemplify positive leadership utilizing their actions as teaching techniques to be absorbed by our youth consistently.

Effective Reinforcement: We will educate our coaches on the importance of this concept alone with positive reinforcement to further build their self-esteem perpetuating the understanding of the positive effects it creates among our youth.

Enriched Involvement: We will express the benefits of true enriched involvement through the community by developing not only youth sports skills, but an attitude that will help them succeed as young adult throughout their life.

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