What are the key benefits for kids to be multi-sport athletes instead of concentrating on just one sport? The benefits are endless! Here’s a few reason why we think it’s important:

Developing Different Skills – Typically athletes who participate in multiple sports have the ability to develop skills that complement other sports. For example, if a football player runs track or plays basketball, he can further improve his footwork and hand-eye coordination. Although footwork and hand-eye coordination are not the same, understanding how to use those body parts makes it easier for athletes to improve in all sports.

Minimal Burnout – It’s no secret that nowadays athletes struggle with burnout. For most athletes being pushed to play year round can cause them to lose the passion they once had. And usually, this means they won’t have the desire to play any longer.

Reduce the risk of overuse injuries – Overuse injuries go hand-in-hand with burnouts. If athletes play one sport year-round, they are constantly using their growing bones and muscles in the same way. With there being no variety in movement and muscle development, the muscles and bones that are being frequently used can begin to wear out from overuse. The repetitive motion of the same game year-round, doing the same skills and drills, often leads to overuse injuries such as stress fractures, strains and sprains, and even tears in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

By playing a variety of sports, especially during the critical development years, athletes are better able to develop all of their muscle groups instead of just specific muscles for one sport. This lessens the risk of overuse related injuries because athletes have the chance to let some muscle groups relax and do different movements.

Ability to further build confidence – Sports is a great vehicle for building self-confidence in youth. With each different sport, there are different levels of success that athletes can achieve, both big and small. Whether it is making a free-throw or hitting a single, each step of the way in sports holds a new chance for success. As athletes succeed in sports, their self-confidence increases because they start to understand they can overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way, both in sport and in life.

So, if your child is interested in playing a sport, Greeley Recreation has a variety to choose from…take a look and see what we offer. There’s something for everyone and activities that are available all year round!

Written by
Jerod Cronquist, Greeley Recreation Sports Supervisor