Youth Commisson


Youth Commission Members:

Abby Aurzada
Aiden Flores
Matthew Baker

Amelia Benavidez
Khalil Bhanji
Jakob Crowell
Jaxson Liscano-Garcia
Cooper Malone
Maya Potter
Johnathan Rodasta
Haley Wood


The Youth Commission is the student-run governing body of the City of Greeley’s Youth
Enrichment Program. There are 11 Commissioners, 3 Ex-Officio’s and a City Council Liaison that comprise the Youth Commission.

The goal of the commission is to get young people involved in leadership roles, community involvement and being a voice for youth within in the City of Greeley.

The Youth Commission was established by the Greeley City Council to encourage greater youth participation in the City’s development and is charged with fostering a greater understanding of youth concerns and contributions in our community.

The Commission meets the fourth Monday of every month, 6pm, at the Rodarte Community Center, located at 920 A Street in Greeley. For more information, call Brecken Arnold at 970-350-9771.